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L2RGamerz --->Interlude<---

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1 L2RGamerz --->Interlude<--- em Qua Abr 27, 2011 3:00 pm


Hello Everyone.
Here is a Server Balanced, Still New, but it Will go On!





Exp 1000x
Sp 1000x
Party Exp , Sp 1,2x
Adena x100
Drop x1
Spoil x1


Normal scroll enchant chance for :
Weapons 30%
Armors 30%
Jewels 30%

Blessed scroll enchant chance for:
Weapons 65%
Armors 65%
Jewels 65%

Max Enchant is +16
Safe +3 , chest +4

Auguments: 15% Chance for skill
GM Shop with items - no customs.
Specjal Trader: includes Amazing Hat that a little improve your stats, but its hard to get it . With this hat u will look like real ProOwners !

General Info

Buffs :
Cool Scheme Buffer , with ready fighter or mage buffs . You can make 4 own schemats with buffs or choose them one by one.

Buff Time - 4hours

Ingame you can find specjal custom zones , where u farm Eggs . Eggs are your money . Everything important u need to buy , is for this .

Epics :
You can get them from custom raid zones , but its very low chance and boss respawn after every 2 minutes like normal mob.
You can get from Raidbosses with 30% chance for each one.

Teleporter includes leveling zone, but u dont need to farm a lot . Everything has been made to improve PvP .

Events : Tvt , Ctf


.deposit .withdraw (transfers your adena to Gold Bar's)
.vote .getvotereward (After you vote for our server u can take gods for vote coin)

RockStarGamerz Commercial Video :


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